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Administrative Law

What is Administrative Law

Administrative law is the practice of law related to how the public bodies of the municipal, provincial, and federal governments interact with private persons and companies. When you apply for a permanent disability decision with the federal CPP you are making an administrative application. When you deal with drivers' licensing services you are dealing with an administrative bureaucracy. And when you are the subject of a decision or order of a tribunal (like the Residential Tenancy Board for example) you are having your legal rights and obligations affected by an administrative body.

Administrative law is all of that area of the law where you interact with the government (and some government-sanctioned monopolies) in a way that is not criminal or a civil lawsuit heard in a court of law like the British Columbia Supreme Court of the British Columbia Court of Appeal.

If you are anticipating having to represent yourself before a governing body like the Medical Services Board, Law Society, Teachers College, etc... you are likely owed a significant degree of legal process and rights that you may not be aware of. At Klassen and Company, we have experience in judicially reviewing the decisions of administrative tribunals which means the Supreme Court of British Columbia gets called upon to adjudicate upon the legality, correctness, or reasonableness of a decision about or against you by a tribunal.

If you have concerns about an administrative decision or are anticipating having to go before an administrative body contact Klassen and Company. Devin Klassen has successfully represented parties in judicial review and focuses on the obligations of an administrative body to offer the affected parties a procedurally fair hearing and to deliver decisions within the limits of natural justice.


Contact us to discuss:


× Challenging an administrative decision

× Appealing an unsuccessful judicial review decision

× Preparing for an administrative hearing

× Representing you before an administrative tribunal

× Getting an opinion on an administrative decision

× Safeguarding future conduct from administrative scrutiny


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