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James J. Klassen

The Klassen of Klassen & Company in Abbotsford

Depend on the experience and knowledge of James Klassen when you need legal advice and representation. Whether reviewing strata purchase contracts, creating or changing your will or power of attorney, probating an estate, or seeking to buy or sell a business or real property, James has decades of experience to ensure you will be protected and in the safest position to accomplish the task.


James has been practicing law for 40 years and with it has a set of tools and experience that cannot be merely bought. James has appeared or made submissions before all levels of courts and tribunals in the province of British Columbia, from Workers Compensation boards to the Court of Appeal.


In real estate conveyances more than a billion dollars has passed through the trust accounts to the rightful buyers and sellers without fail. While on the incorporation and corporate side of things James has incorporated and been the registered business office of well over one thousand corporations and societies. On top of this James does corporate reorganizations and helps with the sale and transfer of businesses.


Over the decades James has increasingly focussed on the needs of end of life financial planning including everything from powers of attorney and committeeships, to wills and the probating of estates and intestacies. James lost his first wife in 2015 and since then has endeavoured to help people suffering through such tragic times to take the necessary time to grieve and know they have someone to help them deal with the estate.


James Klassen focuses in these areas of law:


× Strata and condominium property law

× Incorporations and corporate matters

× Real estate law

× Wills, probates and estate law



#205-2975 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5T4 | 604-854-2086

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