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Devin M. Klassen

Devin Klassen is one of James Klassen's sons who followed his father to become a barrister and solicitor. Devin's focus at Klassen and Company is all things litigative, he is a barrister at heart. Devin has appeared in all levels of court and tribunal in the Province of British Columbia from the Civil Resolution Tribunal and the Residential Tenancies Board to the Court of Appeal.


Devin's legal interest comes from a philosophical and constitutional law background. Concerned with constitutional, administrative, and appellate level questions of law, Devin is the one that represents Klassen and Company in hearings, trials, and appeals, the vast majority of the time. Devin works closely with James in circumstances where James area of practice is likely headed toward a court or tribunal hearings and the two are able to leverage their particular strengths to the benefit of you the client.


You can read some of Devin Klassen's articles and works on constitutional law and legal philosophy and history at


Some areas Devin focusses in are:

× Constituional Law

× Administrative law

×  Statutory and contractual interpretation

× General litigation

× Appeals and judicial reviews

× Contract drafting where significant or unique legal liabilties are expected

× Mediation and negotiation



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