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Consult with James Klassen of Klassen & Company for all things Strata related.

Strata law, bylaws, governance and more...

Often known as "condos" stratas come in all different shapes and sizes, and increasingly, more and more people find themselves living in densified areas and within strata complexes. James has been practicing in strata law, which used to be called condominum law, for over thirty years and has seen everything under the sun when it comes to the unique problems and creative solutions in the strata context.


Whether you are a member of a strata council, a strata management company, a resident owner, a prospective owner, an owner renter, a renter, commerical or residential, James can help. James has litigated dozens of law suits for all different parties and has appeared before the Court of Appeal and helped set legal precedent in this area.


A few notable strata areas are:

× Drafting or disputing strata bylaws

× Properly administering and conducting strata council affairs and strata corporation meetings

× Dealing with strata management companies and strata councils

× Buying and selling strata units with disputes

× Drafting letters, and interpreting the Strata Property Act

× Giving general legal advice on the obligations and rights of owners, council, and management companies

× And much more...


If you are looking for help in anything strata related. We can help.

Find out how we can help you today. Get in touch with us.

#205-2975 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5T4 | 604-854-2086

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