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Get a Second Shot at Justice - File an Appeal

Decision makers get it wrong sometimes. Sometimes the judge is wrong whether that is factually or legally or both. Appeals law (known as "Appellate Law") is the body of law and practice of appealing a court or other tribunal decision to a higher level court for review and correction of the errors of that lower court. Appeals are rare for most people due both to the time and financial constraints of running multiple-year legal actions. However, in Canada there is often a right to appeal final decisions to the province's Court of Appeal (or in British Columbia when appealing a provincial court decision to a Supreme Court of British Columbia judge and then from there to the British Columbia Court of Appeal). In Canada the current highest level one can appeal to is the Supreme Court of Canada in Ottawa, while in the past one could appeal one step higher up to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London, U.K.

If you are unsatisfied with an initial judgment, order, or decision of a court or tribunal and believe they may have gotten it wrong then you may be interested in filing for an appeal. Be careful though! you only get a small window of time to decide to file an appeal so do not delay!

If you are upset and seeking an appeal Klassen and Company Lawyers can help.


Contact us to discuss:


× Representing you on an appeal

× Getting an opinion on the decision you wish to appeal

× As a trial lawyer, looking for additional or aid counsel for an appeal

× If you have questions for an appeal

× Looking for counsel to seek leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada

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