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#205-2975 Gladwin Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2T 5T4

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Protect Your Estate and Family with Klassen & Company

Make Your Final Wishes Clear with Your Will

Ensure your peace of mind before you die by making your final wishes clearly known to your family and associates. Klassen & Company offers expert counsel on wills and estate planning so you get to appoint your executor and clearly state your beneficiaries. Klassen & Company makes sure your documents accurately reflect your interests when you no longer are here to personally direct your affairs.


Contact us to discuss:


×  Cost effective and efficient execution of your will

×  Clearly stated and understandable directives

×  Proper execution and witnessing

×  Opinions on your will’s validity

×  Naming your executor and desired beneficiaries

×  Probating a will of a recently deceased friend or loved one

×  Disputing a will, gift, or other effect of a will or intestacy


Klassen & Company Helps You with Probate & Administration

At your death, in the absence of a will, provincial law decides who receives your assets once all your debts are paid. Klassen & Company can help your survivors successfully manage the legal process of probate and administration with issues such as:


×  Estate assets and grants of administration

×  Appointment of the estate’s administrator

×  Determining the need for a grant of probate

×  Affidavits, schedules and notices for probate and administration application

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